FS/2/2/2/1/11 – Selected papers from veterinary case notes relating to Ovarian Tumours

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Ovarian Tumour

Notes on Case

[Annotated ‘Bay Mare S 30 6 yrs old 2 years service’]

1 ½ gallon fluid in abdomen

Pelvic Flexure of colon lying against Diaphragm anterior to Tumour.

Circumference 55 inches – 44 inches short circumference

48 inches

[Pencil sketch with measurements]
[Annotated ‘The greatest diameter & smallest of the tumour should be given that conveying more to the mind of its size than the weight &c]

Colon at pelvic flexure & caecum at its head covered with innumerable blood clots – seen also on the Peritoneum generally, but more especially on the floor of abdomen.

Weight 70 lbs [Annotated ‘How long since first ill’]

Thorax contained a quantity of fluid which could not be weighed

Anterior to left lung a large tumour, evidently Bronchial Lymphatic Glands attached to Pericardium, there being some gelatinous material between the Glands & Pericardm. Weight of tumour 6lbs. Sac around tumour pretty tough, but consistence of latter of thick custard pudding, blood coloured. Adherence between sac & substance of tumour. Left Lung healthy – Right Lung slightly emphysematous at its inferior border. Heart – Pale ext[erna]ly, substance firm. Blood patch in anr.vent. furrow. Semilunar valves thickened, mitral valves healthy. Aortic valves healthy.

Ovarian Tumour  Weight 70 lbs. Appearance on section like putrid cheese both in consistence & color[sic], one part, breaking down had occurred, the cysts containing thick coffee colored[sic] material – the amount being about 14 oz. The sac itself was very firm, in some places ½ in. in thickness. Externally principally yellowish, especially towards floor of abdomen: in other parts it had suffered from the general peritonitis.

Diaphragm much thickened, covered on its anterior by scrofulous deposits on its posterior, peritonitic blood clots: Lumbar glands much enlarged, size of Bombay mango: on section, structure broken down – like parotid gland somewhat.

Right Kidney weight 1 lbs. Section healthy. Left Kidney healthy

Pre Renal capsule enlarged

Spleen – 1 ¼ lbs – Lymphatics along G.S Omentum very much enlarged, swelling out & some softness. Spleen capsule blood stained in portions from peritonitis.

Liver 15 lbs about. Covered with peritonitic lymph. Portal vessels surrounded by scrofulous deposits – no deposits in its substance.

Stomach – Deposits around greater curvature. Otherwise healthy. Large intestine collapsed containing dark green offensive mucous. Muc[ous] mem[brane] of colon much congested. Caecum healthy

[Sketch of ovarian tumour in abdomen]

Mesentery covered with Peritonitic lymph. Glands not much enlarged.

[Transcription by Claudia Watts, KCL History, April 2019]

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