These papers illustrate the career of Frederick Smith, covering his days as a student at the Royal Veterinary College (1873-1876), as a veterinary officer for the cavalry in India (1879-1885), as professor at the Army Veterinary School, Aldershot, and then returning to service, rising through the ranks during the Second Anglo-Boer War until joining the War Office during the First World War. Papers relating to this work include official correspondence, case notes, diaries and research data. Smith contributed a great deal of literature to the veterinary profession, with papers regularly published in journals from 1876 until the year of his death. The papers include research notes and data, extracts from other sources, drafts and proofs, and published copies of the articles.

Smith’s research and publications covered a broad scope, but there were particular interests in horse anatomy and physiology; stable hygiene and nutrition; saddlery; the loss of horses in war; and the eye and foot of the horse. Smith was also concerned with veterinary education and the reputation and status of the veterinary profession as a whole, and this is reflected in his correspondence with his peers.

There is very little information regarding Smith’s personal and family life within the collection. Some mention is made in Smith’s autobiography, but these papers are wholly concerned with Smith’s professional life and activities.

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Original watercolour paintings by veterinarian Edward Mayhew. Many of the watercolours have been used to make woodcuts for prints in Mayhew’s publications ‘The Illustrated Horse Doctor’ (1860) and ‘The Illustrated Horse Management’ (1864) , however not all watercolours have counterparts in these books. Nor do all images from the books have corresponding watercolours in this collection. The collection consists mostly of scenic and anatomical paintings of horses but also features Donkeys and Dogs.

Please note that copies of these publications are available in the historical library collection.