12 – Letter to Frederick Smith from Francis Galton, 15 Feb 1898

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Feb 15/98

42, Rutland Gate, S.W.

Dear Capt Smith

I have gone through your paper and enclose some notes thereon, also some very rough work of my own open it, just to see how far its results correspond with yr results mine, unrevised & mainly by eye are

Draught Carrying power of a horse of 1000 lbs in weight, is 177lbs. For every 7 lbs in excess of, or less than 1000, add or subtract 1 lb of draught carrying power. Probable error of this estimate 3/2 lbs.


Please consider my notes on p. 1 & 5

Your addendum is a great improvement, I think

As a general upshot I am not sufficiently competent in the subject to submit the memoir to the R. Soc especially as it strikes me as not quite suitable for that particular society. But do not let my ignorant views affect your fuller


knowledge & sounder judgement

Very faithfully yours with renewed thanks for all you have so kindly done for me

Very faithfully yours

Francis Galton


I hope to go abroad next week, for a long stay in S France & in Sicily.


A insert “Direct investigation having been found inpracticable[sic] the method … was … [“]

B insert “estimated”

C ? as to the weight of the animal (that seems to be the only judgement tested)

D This seems to be a pelitio? principle.

E p5 How is the “probable error” got here?

I make the mean error to be about 6 lbs

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