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12th Royal Lancers

Station: Bangalore

Date: 1882

Troop: A

Number of Horse: 6

Sex: M

Age: 4

Disease: Epilepsy

Date of Admission: 23 Sept

Date of Discharge: 10 Nov

Result: Relieved

Record of the Case

23 Sept

Epilepsy. Called suddenly to the lines to see this horse at 6 pm. found her down, in a highly nervous state, eyeballs rolling, head rocking from side to side, pulse weak, got her up after a lot of trouble, and walked her to the sick lines. She was then paralyzed behind, & leaned all over to the left side. Placed in slings. Administered aloes ℨV Mustard to the loins.

24th [Sept]

Better. Eyeballs less off rolling, not so much nervousness. Leaning over to the same side in the slings.

Apply Ammonia to the loins. Not purging, repeat the aloes. The Sp. Gr. of the urine is very high 10.52 owing to phosphate lime[?].

26th [Sept]

Continues to improve. Stood out of the slings all day. Sp. Gr. Urine 10.50

5th Oct

Urine changed colour from a yellowish white to red.

No deposit of lime. Sp. Gr. 1052

14th [Oct]

Took out of slings permanently. Continued rest

25th [Oct]

Send to the troop lines for rest, being now perfectly convalescent. There is the least suspicion of unsteadiness in the hindquarters.

10th Novbr

Moves perfectly. To remain unmounted for three months, as a precautionary measure.

Discharged, Relieved

[Transcription by Claudia Watts, KCL History, April 2019]


Colonel Dawson’s Horse

July 20th 1889

Admitted to infirmary stables at 5 pm exhibiting colicy pains. Gave drench, Spl (Aumm Aro) ℨj,

Spl Nit Ether ℨj, Tinct Opii ℨj. Water 1 pint. Gave enema and sent to walking exercise. Passed some dung with enema & a lot while at exercise.

6 p.m – Appeared a little easier, repeated Drench & enema, exercise

7 p.m Decidedly worse. Gave aloes ℨV in solution, Amm Carb ℨij & Ginger ℨiij in ball. Hot fomentations to abdomen.

10 p.m Suffering great pain, passed the catheter & emptied bladder, continued hot rugs to abdomen every ¼ hour. Gave Lig Ext Can Indica ℨijss, also Amm Carb ℨss in ball. Constant enemas.

11-30 p.m. Gave Ext Can lndica ℨj. Continued hot rugs & enemas, passed nothing. Continually walking round box

July 21st

Repeated Ext Can ludica, began to get sleepy

1-30 a.m. Lay down & was very quiet

10-15 a.m. Pulse scarcely perceptible, like a bit of cotton, passed catheter & emptied bladder. Gave one dose of Physostigmine, in ¼ hour began to pass wind & a little mucous, but no dung passed yet. Pulse improved wonderfully. Hot rugs and enemas.

1 p.m Repeated Ext Can Indica. Hot rugs and enemas, lay down a little, then got up and stood very quiet for 2 hours. Took off wet rug, dried abdomen and applied Liniment. Drank water several times. Passed nothing yet.

11 p.m. Standing very quiet. Gave Linseed oil 1 pint.

July 22nd

Lay down, very quiet

2 am


4 a.m. Got up & staled well.

6 [a.m.] Staled again.

7 [a.m.] Drank some water, gave enema, nothing passed.

9 [a.m.] ¼ hour exercise. Good pulse.

11 [a.m.] [1/4 hour exercise.] Continued enemas

4 p.m. Gave enema, brought away a little dung, ¼ hour exercise, as soon as he came in he passed some dung.

5.30 p.m Gave enema, passed some more dung

July 23rd, 7 a.m  Gave enema, brought away a lot of dung, ¼ hour exercise

9.30 a.m. Gave bran mash which he very soon eat.

1 p.m. Gave enema, brought away some dung & during the afternoon he passed some himself.

6.30 p.m Began to purge & purged well all night

July 24th Doing well, still purging, keep warm, bran mashes.

[July] 25th Doing well, dung setting.

[July] 26th Doing well. Half diet.

[July] 27th [Doing well, Half diet]
[July] 28th [Doing well], ¾ diet, ½ hour Exercise daily

[July] 30th Full diet

August 1st                                                 Discharged Cured

[Transcription by Claudia Watts, KCL History, April 2019]

12th Royal Lancers

Station: Bangalore

Date: 1882

Troop: Y

Number of Horse: 16

Sex: G

Age: 6

Disease: Paraplegia

Date of Admission: 25 March

Date of Discharge: 30 March

Result: Died

Record of the Case

25th March

Paraplegia. This horse was admitted with a slight attack of colic yesterday. This morning on coming out of the box he was noticed to crop his hind leg, rolling unsteady gait & every symptom of paraplegia. Has control over bladder and rectum. Clipped spine & applied a severe blister. Gave internally Aloes ℨV, Constant enema & place in slings

26th [March] No change, blister has not taken, put on sheep skin.

27 [March] Worse & very unsteady in slings, rolls from side to side, a touch of the hand pushes him over. Give Linc: Ergot Cure. Pot Iodid ā ā ℨy to indic put on another sheep skin & re-blister. Has control over the sphincter.

28th [March] – Worse Slumping throwing so much weight into slings & sitting down, that I had to let him out of them. Continue Ergot, & foment loins

6 p.m. Struggles very slightly, but I have no hope for him

29th [March] No change except perhaps for the worse

30th [March] Remains same. No power whatever. Pulse fairly good, give aloes ℨy  as the bowels are not acting. Patient feeds well. Fired[?] back as a last resort & blistered it again.

4.30 p.m. – Died rather suddenly. P.M examination revealed lungs congested. Heart filled with fibrous clots, (cause of death), Liver intensely congested. Kidneys


congested. Intestines healthy, filled with gravel, stomach healthy. Brain congested, slight extravasation on the surface of both hemispheres of cerebrum.

Vessels congested slight amount of serum. Spinal cord intensely congestion especially the lumbar & sacral portions, the latter surrounded by a gelatinous exudation. The congestion was confined to the pia mater. Spinal veins congested, filled with clots. Substance of cord rather harder than usual. The sacral region particularly rested on a quantity of serum effused within the dura mater.

Discharged, Died.

[Transcription by Claudia Watts, KCL History, April 2019]

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