Anatomical Artwork Scans

68 paintings depicting various sections of (mostly) horse limbs and organs, showing disease and damage. The artworks are mostly watercolours, and those that are dated or signed range from 1820-1848.

Twenty-one of the paintings are signed by W Field (as well as the artist’s name) and it is assumed these were given to the RCVS by ex-President William Field, in a large presentation to Library and Museum in 1877. The reason these paintings were made, and why Field collected them, is unknown. Amongst Field’s collection, the paintings are signed by A A Cane, Joseph Perry and G Kirtland.

Twenty-three other artworks are by William Henry Kearney (1800-1858). The remaining twenty-five artworks are unsigned and undated, and do not seem to be related to the other two collections.

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