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Bracy Clark Pamphlets

Selected pamphlets from our large collection of printed works by Bracy Clark (1771-1860) have been digitised and included on this site. Many other examples can be found elsewhere on line. Please see ‘How to find related material’ for links. Clark, the son of a Quaker, left school at 14 and was apprenticed to a surgeon for seven years. With the founding of the London Veterinary School in 1791 he changed to studying veterinary, rather than human, medicine and he enrolled at the London school some time during 1792, gaining his Diploma in July 1794. Whilst in practice Clark developed an interest in shoeing, establishing a number of forges throughout the country. After retiring in 1828, Clark settled at Taunton Street near Regents Park, devoted his energies to publishing and re-editing his own works and experimenting with shoeing. RCVS Knowledge also holds a model hoof made by Bracy Clark, of which you can see a 3D visualisation here.